Bates Lab


We are currently in the process of building capability in several areas to provide computational modelling in support of this project.

It is expected that parameters for the experimental investigation of continuous directed evolution in integrons will affect each other in a non-linear manner. Indeed we hope to formulate a complete descriptive model of the experiments which will provide a way to study ‘in silico’ the effect of direct changes to particular experimental parameters that could not be carried out through experimentation.

We propose to formulate an agent-based model. In the first instance this model will simply predict the expected behaviour of an E. Coli colony under the specified experimental conditions. Using a simple metabolic model for substrate uptake and cell growth rate, cell division at critical volume and cell death on local substrate depletion. Depending on the nature of experimental work it may or may not be necessary to consider spatial location in 3D.


  • Prof. Declan Bates
  • Dr. Adam Spargo

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